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R.G.C.C. International GmbH is a leading company in analysis  of circulating tumor cells as well as Cancer Stem Cells.


Through our high quality analysis at R.G.C.C. International GmbH  we are able to offer a full ranges of services  to the R & D, clinical, and   pharmaceutical  industry.

By   using   the   most   advanced  and

innovative  technologies of molecular and

cellular    biology,   R.G.C.C. International

GmbH manages     to    overcome some of

restrictions that are involved in the 

analysis of   CTCs  (Circulating  Tumor

Cells)  and   CSCs  (Circulating   Stem  




Our thorough  approach means that  a massive  amount   of  data  has   been  generated  for use in identifying new «drugable» targets.

R.G.C.C. International GmbH is offering methods in  clinical practice

such as  new and precise  assays, risk scale and classification of cancer



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